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The Benefits

Balance your skin's microbiome with natural, living ingredients

Never-ever tested on animals or other living creatures

Made with pure love, gratitude and positive intentions

Free shipping over $59 within the USA so you save money

Support your hair with all natural oils that it so desparately craves

Show others you care for & respect your body and the Earth by using it regularly

Support a locally owned business who genuinely wants to help others

Smell incredible with the natural essential oils infused products

Our Products

Angel Mask

Cleansing Mud

Fairy Scrub

Goddess Oil

Warrior Oil

Indigo Oil

Indigo Rose
by Dayna Martin

I am utterly grateful for the opportunity to share all of what I've learned about Ayurveda, raw veganism, and healing to those who wish to step into a new level of awareness about skincare.

All of my products are made by me alone in my sacred creation space in Miami, Florida. I sage the area and all of my ingredients are lovingly focused on with the intentions for health, beauty, love, and wellness through the entire creation and packaging process.

The effects of this laborious practice are products with highly charged energetics combined with living ingredients with simply amazing results!

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Goddess Oil

I love your goddess oil! I had this weird dry spot on my forehead for a couple years. It would scab up sometimes and then come back. I don’t wear makeup or anything and even facials didn’t help. After just a couple weeks of using the goddess oil, it was all healed and has stayed clear and clean. Thanks for this amazing product!

Kim Boutillier

Indigo Oil

Omg omg omg! The Indigo hair oil is phenomenal!
I’m constantly telling people to smell my hair.
It’s so yummy.


Warrior Oil

My guy LOVES the Warrior oil.
It smells amazing and Is by far his favorite beard oil


Goddess Oil

I’ve been using this oil for a few days now and I love it!
It is a great moisturizer with high quality ingredients.
You can tell the products were made with love 🙂


Warrior Oil

Great product!
Feels great and comes in a cute little box with fun pink paper ribbons. You have to dig through them to find the treasure.
It’s a great touch!


Fairy Scrub

This facial scrub is amazing!
I ordered two, but one got broken in shipping.
The vendor has bent over backwards to accommodate me, and I’m so appreciative!


Indigo Oil

It’s a miracle!!
My mum (80 years old, I got that for her) has lost her sense of smell for a couple of years now, but she did smell the Idnigo oil; and she almost started jumping from excitement.

Leah Lotus

Fairy Scrub

Arrived quickly, smells fantastic, leaves me skin feeling refreshed and smooth!
Love this product


Goddess Oil

Wow! I instant change.
Best skin care product I ever owned.
Dayna Martin is a goddess 😀


Ayurvedic Skincare

Everything in the universe is connected. If your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe, you have good health.

All the Indigo Rose products are created with this Ayurvedic principle in mind so that they can help you improve your health and lift your mood whenever you use them.

Ayurvedic beauty products take time to create for several reasons, and I promise to never lose the integrity of these incredible ingredients by never rushing the process.

It is what makes them for powerful, effective and luxurious.

Grow Younger. Naturally.