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Fairy Scrub

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Made with organic herbs, this magical facial Fairy Scrub can help remove impurities and balance your skin microbiome, taking potentially years off your face by reducing wrinkles, giving you the gift of youngering your skin.

Fairy Scrub Ingredients

Rose Petals

I've been studying Ayurveda for several years and went further into this passion when I visited India. I also spent some time and was mentored by an Ayurvedic doctor and Swamiji in Puerto Rico. The Ayurvedic approach to *youngering* is unique and stands out as it uses all-natural ingredients and holds the belief that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat.

I've taken all of what I've learned for years combined with my experience with raw veganism for the last 8 years and combined the two to create the most potent and powerful anti-aging beauty products available that I know of.

The energetic component of the creation of my products is so important to me. Before anything is formulated, I cleanse the space with sage and infuse the area with Love and Healing energy. I've learned how essential and unheard of this is with mass-produced skin-care products. I also believe that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you would not eat, which is something I learned from my Ayurvedic studies. Everything I use is energetically cleansed, environmentally respectful, certified organic, Ayurvedic, vegan and always ethically sourced.

5 reviews for Fairy Scrub

  1. Danielle

    Arrived quickly, smells fantastic, leaves me skin feeling refreshed and smooth! Love this product

  2. lizzybelle73

    This facial scrub is amazing! I ordered two, but one got broken in shipping. The vendor has bent over backwards to accommodate me, and I’m so appreciative!

  3. Eva H

    Both my daughter & I love this scrub so much! It smells wonderful and leaves our skin so soft! Thank you for creating yet another amazing product! 💕

  4. Lis Wolf

    This scrub is so beautiful and smells divine! I love it!

  5. Sarah SmilingAlways

    All of these products are
    Absolute Magic

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